Subscribe for updates and support component JoomlaKassa 'CMS Joomla!' and its additional extensions

JoomlaKassa is no longer supported for new users. Please visit the new version site. JKassa is a new version of the updated JoomlaKassa component and its additional extensions.

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How to choose a subscription?

We offer our clients four variants subscription for the component JoomlaKassa. Each option has its specific advantages and opportunities. Your responsibility to determine which model is subscription most meets your requirements.

How to pay for my subscription?

Payment will occur method purchasing the product through the same component (JoomlaKassa), which you acquire. That is, through a system of electronic payment: INTERKASSA or ROBOKASSA.

Is it possible in the future to move to another plan subscriptions?

Yes, of course! Upon completion of date listed on your current subscriptionmust select a new plan or extend an existing one. Than that you can do this at any time. If the acting subscription plan remains unused days, they will be added to the new plan subscription. Change Plan subscription in your account subscriber.

I am in Ukraine, how do I pay my subscription?

After selecting a subscription plan you will be redirected our store where when you click Buy now you to window will open with various options purchases. For Ukraine, the best options - is: Privat24, LiqPay, terminals Privat Bank, the terminals of Ukraine. Or via E-money, in which case it does not matter where you are.

If I do not renew subscription the component stops working?

Upon expiration period of your subscription, the component JoomlaKassa is fully operational while, but you no longer be able get the support of his new release, expansion and updates.

Can I share, my version of the component, with friends?

Distribute components, the more selling it you may not, you can use your license on the domains in accordance with the plan subscription.

What is included in the VIP support?

If you are facing some difficulties in setting up the component (additional extensions), or with refusal work of some of its parts, you can always give access to your site (shop) to our specialists, and we are happy to assist you.

How much will it cost an additional extension after receiving subscriptions?

All additional extensions (such as modules or plug-ins), as well as all future updates are available for free download during duration of the subscription. You can download them, after authentication procedurein section "Downloads" site

Can I buy a subscription to in clubbing?

The owner by one subscription can only be one person who issued it, and will be valid only his personal data given when you subscribe.

This proliferation of extensions JoomlaKassa prohibited license: paragraph 4.1.

If I not want any more use the JoomlaKassa, can be money refunded?

Unfortunately, no. After you have joined us, you have complete access to all the source files and archives of the component. We have no opportunity to control whether you use actually component or not. So please take the time to read the instructions, to pass a test drive on the demo site and decide whether the component meets your requirements. This is pretty standard practice in our industry.

Whether supports JoomlaKassa version of Joomla 2.5?

Extensions JoomlaKassa currently work only with the version of Joomla 3.x! In the future JoomlaKassa will support all new versions of CMS Joomla! For the version of Joomla 2.5, JoomlaKassa no longer supported!

Can I get a discount if you purchase subscription retry?

Unfortunately there is no. Discount on subscription renewal is available only during the term of your subscription. At the end of the subscription, all discounts are not valid.