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Working principle

Systems of accepting payments, such as INTERKASSA and ROBOKASSA, allows users component JOOMLAKASSA to take all possible forms of payment in maximum short terms.

Step 1

one Step 1

After filling out the by the buyer form payment and clicking on the button 'Pay' to the database component is introduced first information about the order, which will be available in the administrative section of the component on the status page of payments in the form is not completed of payment. Thus, if the buyer wont pay order or an error will occur payment, the administrator of the store will be information about this payment and the customer data. Together with saving of primary information buyer is automatically goes to payment procedure in the chosen system of payment acceptance.

two Step 2

The site (aggregator) payments to the buyer provides a list of accepted currencies and prices for goods/product in the accounting units, which operate payment systems. Buyer pays goods/product using your requisites in the payment system. If the payment occurs successful - the system will notify the seller about what payment was made successfully.

Step 2
Step 3

three Step 3

In case of successful payment the buyer is automatically redirected to the page system success Store (component JoomlaKassa), where the ordering procedure is completed and indicates the method and time of delivery of goods/purged or is download the attached file. In the event of an error of payment the buyer will be redirected to the page slop, where he will be given further instructions preconceived administrator of the shop.