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What is JoomlaKassa?

JoomlaKassa – is an online shop (script, engine), running on a platform of the most popular CMS Joomla! Online Store package contains the main component - JoomlaKassa, as well as additional extensions, such as modules, plug-ins and helper files.

JoomlaKassa extension will connect to your store is leading electronic payment systems, will automatically install any currency at the current rate, which in turn will allow you to take all feasible forms of payment in maximum short terms. Other than that, the store can work in offline mode serve as a catalog of products and take orders for the subsequent payment by cash upon delivery.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system (CMS), which allows to build Web sites and powerful online applications such as online shops. Ease of use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular and affordable software for websites. Joomla is open source, which is freely available to all.

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What is a CMS?

Content Management System - the software that tracks the every piece of content on your site, as well as a public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, videos or documents, but using the component JoomlaKassa, CMS Joomla becomes a powerful, modern online shop. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. CMS itself manages all your content.

What are components Joomla?

Components - it the largest and most complicated of all extensions Joomla; they can be considered as a mini applications. Most of the components consist of two parts: the part of the site (frontend) and part administrator (backend). Each time the page is loaded, Joomla, refers to one of the components to display the page. For example, JoomlaKassa - is the component that controls the display of content online store (categories, products, cart, etc.); buyers can view the contents of your site in the interface (store), a as an administrator, you can edit it. Components are a major part of your page, because the components are controlled menu items, and each menu item starts a component.

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I need to create an online store. As Joomla and JoomlaKassa can help me?
JoomlaKassa Backend

Joomla and JoomlaKassa easy to install and configure, even if you are not an experienced user. Get a new online store and you can start working for several minutes. Any web designer or developer can quickly create websites and online stores for their clients with the help of Joomla and JoomlaKassa.

If your clients need specialized functionality, Joomla is a very extensible and thousands of extensions (including JoomlaKassa) available for additional installation.

Joomla and JoomlaKassa - the best solution for me. How can I start?

CMS Joomla, a free, open and accessible to all, it is distributed under the GPL license. Try the online demo Joomla! and online demonstration JoomlaKassa and you'll quickly realize how really simple. If you are are ready to install Joomla and JoomlaKassa, download the latest version of Joomla! and choose the best plan subscription JoomlaKassa, which will meet your requirements as possible.

What is a subscription JoomlaKassa?

Subscription plan JoomlaKassa - is the time period when you can free download the new version of the component and its additional extensions on a special "Downloads" section of the official website JoomlaKassa. Receive support on the forum subscribers or email, also receive individual assistance in solving possible existing difficulties.