Module JKSearch 'JoomlaKassa - Product Search'

Module displays the search component JoomlaKassa published products with the ability to enable automatic prompting desired products.


Released on
Friday, 11 March 2016 02:00
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New version is available the module JKSearch for the component JoomlaKassa.

Attention! The module only compatible with the version of the component JoomlaKassa and above!


Module Version:

  • Added to the search form attribute "autocomplete=off".
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module …

Module Version:

New features
  • Rounding.
    Enable/Disable rounding elements form the search.
  • Position button.
    Button position relatively the search field. Possible values: left or right.
  • Hide on pages (Additional parameters).
    It allows you to hide the module to selected pages component JoomlaKassa.
  • Shop is closed (Additional parameters).
    Allow you to choose what to do when the shop is closed: show a message; hide the module; nothing to do.
  • Fixed display a search form, in accordance with the standards of W3C.
  • Changed the method of selecting the width of the search field.
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module …

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