Module JKLatest 'Latest Products'

The module displays a list of the new products published JoomlaKassa part of one or more categories that have not expired publication.


Released on
Thursday, 11 August 2016 03:00
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GeneticsPro Project announces the release of a new version of module updates - JKLatest for component JoomlaKassa.


Module Version:

New features
  • Shop is closed (Advanced Options).
    Allows choose what to do when the shop is closed: show a message; hide the module; do nothing.
  • Compatibility products slider (the layout of "Carousel") with MooTools JavaScript-library.
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module ...

Module Version:

  • Fixed display module on the feature page - search for products (component requires version
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module…

Module Version:

New features
  • Layout of the list.
    It supports three parameters:
    • Default - shows the products in the list.
    • Blocks - showing products blocks.
    • Carousel - Displays products slides with automatic scrolling.
      Earlier it called carousel slideshow.
  • Product Category.
    Now, this feature supports the selection of multiple categories.
  • Filters.
    Allows you to choose the criteria by which products are filtered out.
    • Action: will be shown only those products for which the action is held.
    • Discounts: will show only those products that have a discount.
    • Hits: will show only those products for which page views reached a predetermined value set in the parameters of the component (JOOMLAKASSA - Configuration - Settings Store - Other - Sticker 'Hit').
  • Manufacturers.
    It allows you to select manufacturers, for which will be filtered products.
  • Hide on pages (Additional parameters).
    Allows you to hide the module on selected pages component JoomlaKassa.
  • Compatible with the version of the component JoomlaKassa
  • Hiding unused parameters in the configuration module.
  • Adaptability elements of the module.
  • Added structured data (semantic markup
  • Ability to add suffix CSS-class list.
  • Ability to connect Bootstrap CSS.
  • Added field to enter a custom CSS.
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module…

Note. May require additional configuration of the module after it is updated.

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