Module JKCurrencies 'JoomlaKassa - Switch currency'

JKCurrencies module (JoomlaKassa – Currencies Switcher) displays a list of available currencies component JoomlaKassa (which are published in the Manager of currencies) and allows you to switch between them.


Released on
Tuesday, 02 June 2015 20:52
210 times

GeneticsPro Project announces the release of a new module - JKCurrencies for CMS Joomla 3!

Attention! The module is compatible only with the version component and higher.


New features
  • Custom CSS.
    Added text field for entering a custom CSS-code module.
  • Shop is closed (Advanced Options).
    Allows choose what to do when the shop is closed: show a message; hide the module; do nothing.
  • Hide on pages (Advanced Options).
    Allows hiding the module to selected pages component JoomlaKassa.
  • Compatibility with the version of component JoomlaKassa
  • Fixed display of links in accordance with the standards of W3C.
  • Fixes and improvements in the code module …

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